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Best of The Baltimore Consort

Released January 2003

Two musical traditions - one as old as the other is new - characterize this ensemble.

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On the Banks of Helicon

Released January 1990

Most of the Scottish music on this disc is over 400 years old, and yet it strikes our ears as contemporary in its freshness and originality.

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Watkins Ale

Released May 1992

The English mixed consort is fascinating for several reasons, not the least of which is its multi-colored sound.

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Live in Concert

Released October 2008

Take a journey back in time with a visit to the First Scots Presbyterian Church in Charleston, S.C., during the Piccolo Spoleto Festival for the location of this live recording.

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The Art of the Bawdy Song

Released February 1993

Through these bawdy catches and ballads we journey to the taverns and other social gathering-places of the real Merry Old England.

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La Roque 'n' Roll

Released September 1993

All of the song and dance arrangements on this CD are the creation of the members of the Baltimore Consort.

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Gut, Wind & Wire

Released November 2007

In true English Consort style, the Baltimore Consort, America's most popular early music ensemble, mixes instruments from different families.

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Bright Day Star

Released April 2009

This traditional Christmas music, with roots going back many centuries, revives our spirits and evokes a festive mood.

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Adew Dundee

Released September 2003

The lure of Scottish melody with its gapped scales and "scotch snaps" (short-long rhythms) motivated the English to set new words to Scottish tunes or to write new tunes in imitation of Scottish style.

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Adio EspaƱa

Released April 2009

This program will take you on a musical journey through the fascinating intercultural history of the late 15th and early 16th century Spain.

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The Ladyes Delight

Released March 1998

Recordings such as this--and many others by the Baltimore Consort--remind us where many of our American folk music traditions come from, and reveal just how strongly connected we still are to European traditions many centuries old.

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A Trip to Killburn

Released January 1996

The English Dancing Master, first published by John Playford in 1651, is an anthology of top tunes from the 17th century.

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Tunes from the Attic

Released April 1997

Tunes from the Attic returns to the central repertory of the Baltimore Consort: popular and courtly music from Elizabethan England and Renaissance Scotland.

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The Mad Buckgoat

Released October 1999

The initial spark for this program was a landmark publication called A Collection of the Most Celebrated Irish Tunes, published in Dublin in 1724 by John & William Neal.

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