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Gut, Wind & Wire

Fascinated by the variety of timbres that instruments can produce, renaissance musicians developed a wide variety of sound colors, ranging from the almost vocal sound of the bowed strings to the chirpy, bird-like sound of the high winds, the twang of the wire-strung cittern, and the buzz of the crumhorns. The sixteenth century musician's love of variety can be seen in the vast array of instruments imitated by organ stops of the period, by surviving instruments and pictures of instruments, and also by eyewitness accounts of the cornucopia of the insturments used to provide music for the lavish banquets of royalty. In true English Consort style, the Baltimore Consort, America's most popular early music ensemble, mixes instruments from different families. The Baltimore Consort was founded to perform instrumental music of Shakespeare's time. Although later joined by a singer, the group's experience of rehearsing purely instrumentallly forged its identity as an ensemble dedicated to exploiting the diverse sound colors offered by gut- and wire- strung plucked and bowed strings and transverse and end-blown recorders and flutes, capped reeds and percussion.


November 2007


  1. The English Dancing Master: Scotch Cap
  2. Galliard d'escosse
  3. Liber Primus Leviorum Carminum: Laroque Galliard
  4. Alemande de Liege
  5. Skene Mandora: Doun in yon bank
  6. The Canaries
  7. All in a Garden Green
  8. arsons Farewell
  9. Beggar Boy
  10. The English Dancing Master: John Come Kiss Me Now
  11. The English Dancing Master: Newcastle
  12. Terpsichore (arr. for chamber ensemble): Branle double
  13. Branle de Montirande
  14. Branle de la torche
  15. Johnny Faa
  16. Chanter's Song
  17. O'Keefe's Slide
  18. Sixpenny Money
  19. Ten Penny Bit
  20. Clare Jig
  21. Sycamore
  22. Indigo Road
  23. Consort Lessons, Book 1: My Lord of Oxenford's Maske
  24. Jane Pickering Lute Book, 1616: The Queen's Table
  25. Le Gratie d'Amore: Bianfo Fiore
  26. Le Gratie d'Amore: Catena d'amore
  27. So ben mi chi ha bon tempo
  28. Consort Lessons, Book 1: Joyne hands
  29. Thomas Wode's Partbooks: Paven
  30. Dublin Virginal: Galliard
  31. Green Garters
  32. Caledonian Pocket Companion: Pentland Hills
  33. Straloch Lute Book: Whip my Toudie
  34. Remember me at Evening
  35. Skene Mandora: A Scot's Tune