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On the Banks of Helicon

Most of the Scottish music on this disc is over 400 years old, and yet it strikes our ears as contemporary in its freshness and originality. The Scots composers had a gift for expressive melody. Although French and English influence was strong in courtly circles, the imported genres of dance, chanson and accompanied song were transformed into a product uniquely Scottish.


January 1990


  1. Over the hills
  2. Kathren Oggie
  3. In a garden so green
  4. My heartly service
  5. Scotch Cap
  6. The flowres of the forrest
  7. Kilt thy coat, Magge
  8. Canareis
  9. I will not go to bed till I suld die
  10. Jockey loves his Moggy dearly
  11. Our Father God celestial
  12. Come my children dere
  13. On the banks of Helicon
  14. Prince Edward's Paven
  15. Lyk as the dum solsequium
  16. The Scots Marche
  17. Support your servand
  18. My Lord of Marche Paven
  19. O lustie May
  20. Doun in yon bank
  21. Branles d'Ecosse
  22. Joy to the Person of My Love